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Our Clients.

Devise Business Consultancy assist small businesses from all type of industries. We help to source for offers that are flexible and efficient business loan financing. With our experience, you can obtain the working capital you need much faster than the time typically associated with a conventional type of loan.  

Restaurant Loan

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The F&B sector is considered high risk to many banks and other lenders, that offer financing. Conventional business loan are not easy to come by in this market. 

Devise offers restaurant business loan solutions, a unique alternative to conventional business loans to all types of restaurant. In this way, you can protect your daily cash flow. 

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In the Manufacturing industry, when funds are needed, it is by immediate basis. We can help to give you access to capital in just days and have the flexibility to use however you see fit. 

We have assisted many manufacturing companies in Singapore in their production financing, purchase of equipment and management of cash flow. 

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The high percentage of our GDP depends on the healthy construction industry, but there are not always a consistent number of projects around. 

Devise is strategically positioned to provide construction business loan so you can pay for overhead, income or whatever comes during the project. It helps in your cash flow management and winning new construction contracts. 

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There are a growing number of retails in Singapore, and they come in all shapes and sizes, online and offline stores. 

Devise will handle all your financing needs so that you can focus on your customers and grow your store presence. Our retail loan and merchant cash advances enable you to invest in your client's happiness. 

A business loan will, therefore, help you stock up your inventories, increase advertising and access to working capital to cover payroll. 

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