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Get A Business Loan in Singapore

Looking for the best business loan in Singapore? Know what type of products really suit your business need.

peer to peer lending sinapore

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Peer to Peer Lending

With our various crowdlending partners, you will have access to the largest majority of the lending community for business loans in Singapore. Therefore, your business will be financed by the largest number of investors in the marketplace. 

Peer-to-peer lending is a relatively new form of funding that takes place through online platforms and allows SMEs to borrow and individuals to lend money.


P2P lending is a new era of lending which cut away traditional financial intermediaries such as banks from the process by allowing borrowers and lenders to interact directly with each other. Investors are made up of institutional, accredited investors, and retail investors. 

The funding provided is usually an unsecured loan and trade financing. 


The online funding mechanism makes the process as quick as 24 hours, the application procedure is less discriminating than banks and there is less documentation involved

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