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Get A Business Loan in Singapore

Looking for the best business loan in Singapore? Know what type of products really suit your business need.

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Property Equity Loan 

Owning a private residential or commercial property?​

You can tap the value of your private property and make the most of it for your business. 

You build up the equity in your property when you repay your mortgage loan. An increase in the value also means that you can use this chance to enhance your cash-out value. 

You can borrow against that equity up the 85% of the LTV of your property. In this way, you can get a business loan with a higher amount and take advantage of lower interest rather than one that is unsecured. 


  • Lowest interest in the market

  • Finance up to 85% of the valuation price of the property 

  • Options for 1st and 2nd charges

  • Get cash out from your property without selling it

  • Not subjected to TDSR

  • Best for owners with bad credit records

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