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Stop Selling, Start Closing.

Are You Ready To Hit The Numbers On Your Phone?

Ready to cold call your way to available leads to drive more sales to your business?

Getting ready your bunch of sales staff motivated to do cold-calling to sell your products and services?

The sales environment has become more challenging than ever. In this new decade, when you think of the word sales, you immediately

think about those sleazy salesmen who try to out-talk you with his fast-paced tone and manipulate you into something you do not want to. 

Most of the people now dread picking up the phone once they see an unfamiliar number, or register their number to DNC and block any numbers at unsolicited calls. 


So does it mean that the phone does not work for salespeople anymore?  

It is not entirely true, but this tool has to be changed from being a lead generation to a lead conversion tool. 

All Singaporeans, believe it or not, loved to buy but hate to be sold. As Asians, we want to be in charge of our own buying decisions. Even when we do buy eventually from the pushy salesman, we won't feel good about it. That is why cold selling does not work anymore. There are no real value and relationship established, and you can't build credibility and trust in that short period of time. 

How do you close more sales then? 

The new way of a sales process is through great marketing, good branding, and social media presence. 

Attract your customers first, then do a close from there. Make those interested come to you by booking a call, and then let your sales staff do a close from there. It creates a whole new experience both for the customer and you as well. You will have their full attention for that period of time. You will not be interrupting someone by cold calling based on your time, or door-knocking their door in the middle of their dinner time. You will then evolve from a sleazy salesman to a professional. You will not be pushy and manipulative, whereas you will listen to their concerns and helping them come to a decision instead. 

Phone calls are still needed to close the deal. Clients need more information, guidance, and clarity. They need to also understand the process of whether it will work. You will then walk them through the process and answer any additional questions they may have which eventually will lead to a close. You "help" them through by using a call or face to face as human connection is still needed when you are selling a high item or service.


From the tremendous speed talker on the phone,  you can now step back and ask proper questions. Let the client speak more instead of you. You will then be able to find the problem the client is facing, using discovery questions to get more information. 

Structure your calls in a step-by-step process instead of jumping around from topic to topic. You will find yourself to deal with fewer objections and that your calls and closing will go more smoothly than ever before. 



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