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Why We Exist.

Very often in Singapore, entrepreneurs and SMEs businesses are turned down for traditional loans from banks and major financial institutions – usually through no fault of their own. Banks have certain requirements and risk limitations that can prohibit loan approval. When the economy takes a dive, or after it recovers, banks and financial institutions tend to raise the requirements for loan approval as a way to wipe away any requests that are deemed “too risky.” Unfortunately, this approach ends up marginalizing emerging and small business owners who may have a great shot at success. 

In order to remedy this, the world of business finance offers a number of alternative lending products to business owners who would otherwise get turned away from banks. However, lenders cannot always be on the lookout for prospective clients. Similarly, most entrepreneurs do not know how to get in contact with alternative lenders. Some business owners do not even know that business lending is a viable alternative to bank loans. This is where our loan brokerage comes in.

So how do you know which lender is suitable for your business? And how do you find the best suited for you, based on the specific needs of your business? You search for it online, read some articles and maybe listen to some fellow business owners, and the conclusion: they all look and sound the same. 

The reality is that there are so many numbers of ways in which you can save not just money by engaging a business loan broker to provide assistance with your SME financing needs and objectives. If you take the time to determine the value of using a business loan broker, you will surely see that it is money well spent, especially in Singapore.

We are not lenders. We are small business owners just like you who know what it is like to crawl into profitability. We know that there are wolves in the wild that will take advantage of vulnerabilities in your business. We are here to do our part to get the best lending alternatives in the market.

The Advantages.

We are independent

We are an independent, owner-managed business, which is not aligned to any lenders.

We save you time

We dramatically reduce the time it takes you to find a suited lender. From long days to just hours. 

We save you money

The interest fees could be substantially lowered as you place companies in competition for you business.

Our Solutions.

Devise, a consultancy or loan broker whichever you would like to call it, saves you much time and energy, which is probably why most small business owners are drawn to us when starting a business loan search, especially in Singapore.

Our mission is to provide SME with an objective, fast and accurate method of finding the right lender based on their specific needs - while giving financial institutions a more cost-effective way to find new clients. We represent over 50 lenders, including banks, P2P lenders, and alternative lenders, all with a common theme: a commitment to provide the best loan and better-value fees. 

But there are so many other reasons why you NEED to use Devise, too.

Exploring Your Options
These days there are quite a lot of alternative lenders you can look to for financing for your business—banks and major financial institutions aren’t your only option anymore. By using Devise business loan broker, they will be able to connect you to more options than you’d find on your own, which means getting the financing you need in the shortest time possible. 

Get a Good Rate
We will devise a strategy for your loan application to a bunch of different lenders through our proprietary platform. 

This way, you can secure the best rate possible. Being able to compare how much your loan will cost you is a great money-saver for SME owners. If you work with only one lender, you’d never know if you could have gotten a better deal elsewhere, or likewise, if they reject, you will be disheartened. 

Work With Someone Experienced
Devise work with lenders 24/7. So, our brokers have established relationships with an extensive network of lenders. If your business deal has the right contact and knows how to work with lenders, you can get the best deal on a small business loan for your company.

Knowledge About Small Business Lending
Just because you own an SME business doesn’t mean you know everything about business loans in Singapore. So when you’re confronted with some jargon financial terms on your loan offer, you might not be able to fully interpret everything.

Invoice financing versus invoice factoring? Business credit versus personal credit? It can get a little confusing. In theory, business loan brokers will be able to explain all the complicated words and acronyms that will be attached to your loan offer.


Highly Renowned Lending Partners

It’s important to know that the lenders you’re working with are legalized and transparent. At Devise, we have vetted our current roster of lenders and are always searching for partners that meet our high standards to serve our business owners.

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