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Helping SME
Get Access
To Capital

DEVISE is a modern age consultancy, where we help SMEs get access to capital with ease

About Us

Why Choose Devise?

We work with our clients, not simply for them. 

Our application is fast and simple. We only need some basic financials to assess the figures. 

We provide an effective analytical method to get you the financing, immediately. 

We strategize, analyze financials, and make the numbers work so that your loan gets approved.

We measure ourselves based on our clients' success.


Short-Term Working Capital

An unsecured short-term business loan can be used to fund your operations or provide liquidity for emergencies while you build up finances to apply for a higher amount

Government - Assisted Financing Scheme

It provides huge funding to support the working capital of SMEs which is risk shared with Singapore Government with banks and financial institutions

What We Offer

P2P Lending

With our upcoming crowdlending platform, you will have access to the largest majority of the lending community for business loans in Singapore

Property Equity Loan

Owning a private or commercial property can get you cash out of it to fund your business in the most effective way

Invoice Financing

Use your unpaid invoices to get some term borrowing from lenders to meet short-term liquidity needs of your company

Why Us

We Work

Higher Approval

We work with numbers. We care about your financials. We make the numbers beneficial for you to get the financing required. 

We are your eyes to see what you lack, the ears to listen to what you need, and the ability to work as your company's CFO to get the funding you need.

We do not work on behalf of the lenders, but we represent the business owners as our partners to work at the highest rate possible.

Fast And Efficient

We use the best technology and communication to turn your application fast, and hassle-free, and get you the loan sooner than ever.

We will advise your business on the areas to be enhanced to make approval highly successful.

We are the new era of loan consultancy that works fast and ensures 100% success in all business loan applications. 

Bespoke Advisory

It's not about the highest number of lenders you submit and hope you get the correct target. 

It's how to aim your target accurately like a sniper, getting the approval from the least number of lenders at the highest amount possible.

Each business is unique, and like a sniper, you need to be armed with the correct weapon to get your target.  

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