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A business loan consultant is someone who is able to bring borrowers and lenders together to form an agreement. 

The beauty of this role is that it enables people with a basic knowledge of business to help an SME (client) to raise money from a variety of financial institutions. 

You will be able to utilize existing networks to provide additional service and expertise to SME owners, by orchestrating the perfect business loan for them. 

The Benefit Of A Business Loan Consultant

Business loan consultants can start on as a consultant under Devise, and eventually, they can strike out on their own and register their own agency under Devise – hiring their own consultants.

Instead of going to lenders directly, business owners will hire business loan consultants to seek out lenders with the cash reserves and loan offers to fulfill their needs, and act as liaisons in negotiating the entire deal.

Business loan consultants with the initiative and drive to work, can make a very lucrative salary by sending opportunities in the right direction.


High Demand, Low Supply

More than 85% of the SMEs in Singapore has a business loan, with more than one lender at any time. It is through Devise that you will be able to penetrate into this untapped market.


Low Investment, High Returns

With a low franchise fee, starting out being a consultant under Devise Consultancy is an opportunity 

of a lifetime to earn respect, brand name, and good and stable income.

business loan

Extensive Training & Business Support 

You will receive comprehensive training which covers everything to know about raising funds for a SME and, marketing and administrative support aspect with an advanced system. 



Be your own boss and enjoy flexible working hours. You are also free to enhance your entrepreneurial skills and utilize your ideas to expand your business. Devise’s independent non-aligned position provides further security for the business you build under this franchise.

How To Start As A Business Loan Consultant

Devise gives people the complete training and tools they need to become a fully-fledged independent business loan consultant.


Additionally, Devise will introduce you to our board of lenders, which is ever-increasing, so you can offer your clients a wide array of financing solutions to fit every need.

Our prestigious lenders can provide everything from invoice financing on up to equipment financing, micro-loans, financing for large construction projects, directors' loans and much more.

Devise gives you the opportunity to run your own business, and work the hours you want.


Additionally, you will be provided with marketing and branding for your personal operation, plus 24/7 support so you will never be caught without an answer or solution for your clients.

We offer a recession-proof business model that allows you to achieve the rates and unlimited earning potential you deserve.

If you would like an all-in-one opportunity to get the training you need to be a business loan consultant, the independence of running your own agency and setting your own hours, plus the full support of financial experts and lenders, check out what Devise can do for you today.

What Being a Devise Partner Means

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