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Get A Business Loan in Singapore

Looking for the best business loan in Singapore? Know what type of products really suit your business need.

invoice financing singapore

Invoice Financing

Accelerate your payment by turning your outstanding invoices into working capital. No longer worry about cash being tied up in long term contracts. 

Invoice Financing/ factoring is a short-term solution to inject more money to improve the company’s cash flow.

It is one of the best options based on customer revenue due from sales before payment.

It solves many of the short-term problems like delayed payment from the customer for a sustained period and the company has difficulty obtaining any other form of business finance or credit.


it is structured as a secured line of credit, therefore the lender will feel safer. Invoices act as collateral against money borrowed.

The lender limits the risk by lending a percentage of the total invoice amount and the balance acts as a fee.

If a client is unable or unwilling, the lender basically become the creditor rather than the company.

  • Receive cash upfront for your invoices

  • Up to 90% of your invoice value

  • Quantum of up to $1 million

  • Access funds in 24 hours

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